Atheism Saved My Life

by Travis Erbacher

This incredibly brave account of mental health crisis moved me to tears. Please share.

Rational Ramblings

I was trying for months to think of a better way to begin this but the concise truth of what I’m about to compose just feels right.

Atheism saved my life, for had I been a religious person my life would have been over one year ago.

Unbeknownst to me, I have battled anxiety and depression for most of my 39 years. I had known something was not quite right and but thought I could control it. I tried St John’s Wort to calm my emotions, but found little help. I used Marijuana laced cigarettes helped me sleep when the insomnia dragged on into its fourth or fifth days. Although I had always enjoyed a beer or two after my evening shifts at my work, my alcohol usage became more prevalent about 8 years ago. Two beers became four or five; if I could fit them in before last call…

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