“Purity” and North American Culture

by Travis Erbacher

Dear Chevy,

If you want intelligent people to buy your cars you might not want to spam certain networks with ridiculous ads with the message “If a man only loves one woman for his entire lifetime that means he’s strong and good, therefore buy our trucks”.

First, (almost) nobody JUST loves one person in their lifetime, unless they’re killed at around 12 or 13 years old. The assumption here is that if you’ve loved more than one person you’re somehow less strong, or “used up”. I suppose it’s good that this sentiment is, for once, not directed specifically at women. It’s still reprehensible and destructive though.

Second, if someone says they’ve only loved one person, they’re lying to themselves or you. They’re either retroactively retracting “love” that they actually felt at the time, or denying the multiple people that they’ve met and had some degree of feeling for while in their supposedly hermetically sealed monogamous commitment, or drawing the line at which “lust” or “a different kind of love” is upgraded to “real love” in such a way that you can disqualify all the others. Agreeing not to have sex with other people doesn’t mean that you are wrong to have eyes for other people, emotionally or sexually.

The “purity” message and lies you’re promoting are damaging to many, many people and society as a whole. Stop it.